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We believe in Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain Smart Solutions is an international Distributed Ledger Technology consultancy. The multi-skilled team is composed of industry specialists with vast knowledge in startups, token sales, fintech, law, dApp and smart contracts, marketing and other related fields.

Our consultants and advisors are well-connected amongst investors, technical hubs and blockchain players internationally and see a local stronghold in APAC and Asia, where Blockchain Smart Solutions is positioned directly. We work closely together with a large number of institutions, business partners and research centers to provide ideal services to our clients.

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A strong network of distributed ledger technology experts, companies, investors, lawyers, mentors and coaches helps your business to grow fast while providing a leading edge with competition.

Blockchain Smart Solutions is the partner from start to finish for assessing and implementing the use of distributed ledger technology for your business.

Services in Distributed ledger technology include:

why blockchain

Blockchain Value Proposition

Time Savings

Transaction time is reduced from days to near instantenous

Reduced Costs

Administrative overheard & cost of intermediaries are reduced / eliminated

Enhanced Data Quality

Data accuracy is maintained during all transactions

Improved Efficiencies

Efficiencies of existing business processes are improved

Reduced Risks

Tampering, fraud & cyber crime can be reduced, because of an extra layer of security

Increased Trust

Shared processes and record-keeping are visible to all concerned parties

Reduction Of Disputes

Absolute transparency is established as the process executes

Ease Of Audit & Dispute Resolution

Reduction of time to audit and settlement of disputes


What Our Customers Say

“I found the Blockchain Training very interesting and has helped me to understand about the capabilities of the technology and its challenges a lot more. The presenter displayed good knowledge and enthusiasm in the subject matter.”

Dr. Sita Venkatraman - Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Polytechnic

“I found the workshop was interesting and valuable as well. I have learned a lot of knowledge in blockchain by taking this course. Special thanks to the presenter who presented the course in a very logical. methodical order. “

Hada Alsobhi - Ph.D candidate, University of Technology, Sydney

“Very informative, really helped me to understand better what Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are, and how to take further steps in this technology.

Damian Navarro, SAP Security Analyst, Philip Morris

“Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I was lucky to be the only participant in the almost all-day online education with Adnan, who is a professional trainer in Blockchain technology. I learned a lot and it has made me so curious, that I am now targeting for the next certification step as a Blockchain consultant”

Uwe Wojatzek, IT infrastructure manager, Lufthansa German Airlines


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