First Project Completion with Melbourne Polytechnic

Blockchain Smart Solutions develops Identity Access Management system with Melbourne Polytechnic

Published on 30-Nov-2020

Blockchain Smart Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of its first collaborative project with Melbourne Polytechnic, a respected and popular provider of Higher Education (Degrees) and one of the state’s largest providers of vocational education. 

We worked with a talented team of students and faculty members at Melbourne Polytechnic to develop a prototype of Identity Access Management system using Blockchain Technology. The business rules are implemented through smart contracts developed in Solidity language (Ethereum).

The successful completion of this project demonstrates our continuous commitment to help our community to understand and benefit from blockchain technology, while creating industry specific products. Blockchain Smart Solutions’ Co-founder and Director, Adnan Javed, said in a statement:

“Our partnership and projects with Melbourne Polytechnic are a commitment of wider adoption of cutting edge blockchain technologies through educational and professional engagement.”

The solution will manage the user accesses, track software licenses and their expirations, and log the interaction with secure organizational data. Further benefits of this system are:

  • Identification and verification of computer assets.
  • User access management, logging and tracking legitimate access and prohibiting others.
  • Increased transparency and efficiency. 
  • Ease of audit and dispute resolution. 

About Melbourne Polytechnic:

Melbourne Polytechnic is a respected and popular education provider in Melbourne, Australia. Its seven campuses provide increased pathways and choice to higher education and ongoing learning. With a history of 100+ years, they are now one of the largest providers of vocational education in Victoria. 

The institute pride on providing one of the best training facilities in Australia. Having close alignment with various industry partners across different industries, the institute and its passionate faculty members focus on arming the students with practical skills and hands-on experience, so they graduate with the knowledge they need to thrive in their careers. 

About Blockchain Smart Solutions:

Blockchain Smart Solutions is an international Distributed Ledger Technology consultancy. The multi-skilled team is composed of industry specialists with vast knowledge in startups, token sales, fintech, law, dApp and smart contracts, marketing and other related fields.

Our consultants and advisors are well-connected amongst investors, technical hubs and blockchain players internationally and see a local stronghold in APAC and Asia, where Blockchain Smart Solutions is positioned directly. We work closely together with a large number of institutions, business partners and research centers to provide ideal services to our clients.

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