Knowledge & Training

We offer a variety of courses to cater people from various academic and corporate backgrounds. Click on the button below or scroll down to learn more. 

Since 2016, Blockchain technology has attracted a lot of interest from people from various walks of life. There have been more than 3800 (until Oct-2020) Decentralized applications (DApps), which have leveraged the Ethereum public blockchain platform, along with EOS, NEO, NEM, and Stellar among other alternative platforms.

On the other hand, various corporations & enterprises have also joined forces and are implementing blockchain in their business networks. Private blockchain (Hyperledger) is a key area of interest for enterprises, because it meets their requirements of data privacy, performance, security and resiliency. Few global corporations have already launched pilot projects using blockchain technology and are looking forward to reap its rewards in near future.

We understand blockchain is not a 1 fit-for-all kind of solution and every organization has their own concerns and requirements. There are different kinds of transactions/data which can be migrated and stored on blockchain and hence a tailored solution is required for every enterprise.

We provide maximum value for our clients and offer multiple training & coaching programs, such as below. 

Unravelling NFTs

2-hour workshop to introduce and discuss the concept of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) - the way it works and how to use it for your own benefit

Certified DeFi Associate

3-hour workshop to lay hold of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) concepts - how it works and how you can seize the opportunity to benefit from it

Certified Blockchain Associate

3-hour comprehensive overview and high level understanding of blockchain technology and its application in real world

Certified Crypto Associate

2-hour express workshop to understand blockchain technology basics, and to learn and master the art of cryptocurrency trading

Certified Blockchain Strategist

1-3 days tailor-made workshop, deep dive into business case, exploration of market challenges and conception of implementation strategy

Use Case based workshops

We also run specialized workshops throughout the year, which not only focus on the blockchain technology, but also explain its application in various industry use cases like Supply Chain, Internet of Things (IOT), and financial services industry, to name a few. 

The objective of these specialized workshops is to take a deep dive in the specific use cases. We explore the ripeness of a specific industry, and identify the business effectiveness, system efficiencies, and cost savings made possible by the introduction of DLT’s. Some of the real world projects are also discussed in detail. 

Click below to find out the available dates and timeslots that work for you. We also conduct group/corporate trainings. Reach out to us for more details.  


Blockchain Value Proposition

Time Savings

Transaction time is reduced from days to near instantenous

Reduced Costs

Administrative overheard & cost of intermediaries are reduced / eliminated

Enhanced Data Quality

Data accuracy is maintained during all transactions

Improved Efficiencies

Efficiencies of existing business processes are improved

Reduced Risks

Tampering, fraud & cyber crime can be reduced, because of an extra layer of security

Increased Trust

Shared processes and record-keeping are visible to all concerned parties

Reduction Of Disputes

Absolute transparency is established as the process executes

Ease Of Audit & Dispute Resolution

Reduction of time to audit and settlement of disputes

Who is it for

  • The courses (except Blockchain Advance) are aimed at anyone who wants to develop an understanding of blockchain technology.

  • Any sort of technical background is NOT required. All we request for is a curious mind, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Onsite Training

  • For the convenience of our corporate clientele, we also offer onsite trainings.

  • Our trainer will visit your office premises (or you can book an external conference hall/room), and deliver training which would be tailored to your current level of understanding, nature of organization and/or department, and the intended value you want to get out of it.