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Integrating Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

2-hours live online training to help you navigate the convergence of Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the creation of machines that can mimic human intelligence, performing tasks like learning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

It includes technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics, applied in areas ranging from business process automation, medical diagnosis, financial trading, autonomous driving to name a few.

Why the attention & hype?

Efficiency and Automation: Automating repetitive tasks to speed up processes and reduce human error.

Data Analysis and Insights: Processing and analyzing vast amounts of data for valuable insights.

Enhanced Customer Experiences: Improving service and engagement with AI-powered solutions like chatbots and personalized recommendations.

Big firms in the Metaverse

What We Offer

Learning Objectives

Understand the basics of foundational principles of Blockchain and AI, and how their integration can enhance data security, transparency, and decision-making processes.

Explore specific use cases where Blockchain and AI are jointly applied across various industries.

Anticipate future trends and innovations at the intersection of Blockchain and AI, including potential impacts on society and industry.

Develop strategic insights on implementing Blockchain and AI technologies in business settings.

Masterclass Agenda

What topics do we cover in this workshop

Trainer Profiles

Trainer 1 - Aamir

Aamir is a seasoned professional with experience working in ICT, Fintech & Media industries. He has led the marketing, community building & application testing efforts for various projects.

He aims to enable enterprises to capitalize on blockchain technology to create automation in their processes and reduce operational costs, and is a strong supporter of private & hybrid blockchains. He also conducts regular training sessions to coach people about blockchain and Hyperledger.

Trainer 2 - Adnan

Adnan holds qualifications in Law (Juris Doctor), Engineering (B.E) and Training and Assessment (TAE). He has worked in emerging technologies (blockchain, big data, analytics) and ICT.

He has been an early advocate of blockchain and has experience in advisory board of successful blockchain startups including Fintech, Real-estate and Social media. He is also passionate about expanding/developing blockchain awareness and its application in new sectors, through education, and is working with educational institutes to gain value through decentralizing multiple industries.

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Yes. Please let us know up until 48 hours before the event via contact form or drop an email at

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