How to add the digital certificate to LinkedIn Profile

Follow the below instructions to add the digital certificate to your LinkedIn profile. 

1. At the bottom of the certificate please click the link “Add to your profile”  

2. Log in to your LinkedIn profile (if not already) using your credentials. 

3. You’ll see the below popup window. 

4. The name of the certificate will be populated automatically, no need to make any changes to it. 

5. Update the Issuing Organization name to “Blockchain Smart Solutions”

6. The checkbox which says “This credential does not expire” will be checked already. Leave it as it is. Our certificates do not have an expiration date. 

7. Add the Issue date with the month and year you were issued the certificate.

No further updates are required, click Save.

9. Once successfully saved, you should be able to see the certificate added to your LinkedIn profile, like below.

10. In case of any queries, please reach out to