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Why Us

We believe real benefits of the blockchain technology will surface even better as more and more people understand its potential and start to use the blockchain-based products & services. 

That fuels our passion about blockchain technology and its mainstream adoption.

Read below to know further about why we think we can serve your interests in the best possible way. 

1. Our Trainers are Blockchain Subject Matter Experts

Aamir is a seasoned professional with 15+ years of experience working in the IT, Telco & Fintech industries. He has led the marketing, community building & application testing efforts for various projects. 

He aims to enable enterprises to capitalize on blockchain technology to create automation in their processes and reduce operational costs and is a strong supporter of private & hybrid blockchains. He has also been working with educational institutes to gain value through decentralizing multiple industries.

Maha is a leading blockchain expert with a Masters in Computer Sciences. She has been working in the blockchain security space and has a keen interest in Ethereum, solidity smart contracts, & its various applications. 

She aims to develop new techniques to enable enterprises to capitalize blockchain technology to communicate & sync the assets across different decentralized chains & reduce migration costs. She is passionate about working with educational institutions to gain value through decentralized multiple industries.

Adnan holds qualifications in Law (Juris Doctor), Engineering (B.E), and Training and Assessment (TAE). He has worked in emerging technologies (blockchain, big data, analytics) and ICT.

He has been an early advocate of blockchain and has experience on the advisory board of successful blockchain startups including Fintech, Realestate, and Social media. He is also passionate about expanding/developing blockchain awareness and its application in new sectors, through education, and is working with educational institutes to gain value through decentralizing multiple industries.

2. Our Track Record of Providing Excellent Value to Our Previous Participants

3. We Provide 6-months support to all of our participants.

Yes, You read that right! We are invested in your success. 

Whether you are looking to switch career in blockchain technology space, learning to trade cryptocurrencies, looking to develop a decentralized application (dApp), wanting to learn more about the latest phenonemons of NFTs and Metaverse, we offer a 6-months support period to all of participants to offer guidance and support.

This helps to ensure you remain on the right track and have a mentor available to keep you in check. 

4. Our Collaborations With Some of the Leading Companies